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The Chosen 20

Session 1
Personality Assessment

Goal setting: In the first hour we will access strength weaknesses and set realistic achievable goals. You will learn things about yourself that you never new and we will discuss what you are looking to achieve as well as how we map out a path in which those goals can be achieved.

Session 2
Removing Obstacles, Building Confidence

In this session we will delve into all the things that are and have been blocking your success. You will learn to identify and extinguish the behaviors and habits that have ensured your past insecurities and self destructive practices.

Session 3
Pillars of Attraction and Pick up

You will be taught the pillars of Pick up as well as the best ways to build attraction. You learn basic technique. You will also learn how to take those techniques and personalize them to make them congruent with your personality.

Session 4
Inner Game

In this session you will learn confidence building and how to create habitual patterns in which to effortless create successful interactions over and over.

Session 5
Sharpening and Polishing Rough Edges

In this Session we will access progress and identify the sticking points in interactions. You will also learn the techniques to overcome them.

Session 6
Summary and Progress Assessment Future Planning

In this session you we will summarize and map out continued pathways for personal success way beyond the last session and given tools to continue to move your personal progress on your own.

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Consultation Rates:

15 Minute Sessions

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