Dante The Actor

In 2002, a veteran Comic commented on my unique look and marketability for commercial work.  I said why not. He referred me to a local agent and, with not even a school play under my belt, I began booking commercials: Snickers, Radio Shack, Sobe Life water, NFL and more. I never considered to have the pedigree to call myself an actor and considered it disrespectful to trained thespians. To me, Stanovlofski might have well been a Russian plumber who probably lived in little Odessa in Brighton beach Brooklyn. With no classical training, I pulled from the many characters that I personally knew from the underbelly of New York City. How I got to the underbelly will be in my memoirs. Somehow I was able to bring about authentic characters to film and TV.  I finally felt vindicated to call myself a an actor when I got a recurring role on the hit show Black List playing opposite my acting idol  James Spader. Throughout time I amassed a series of acting roles, each part ever bigger and more involved.

I’m not sure when I got bitten by the acting bug, but bitten I was. I continuously push to move the performance needle, challenging exploring  and immersing myself into theatre television and cinema.

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