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Back when I was a child, I’d rush home from elementary school  to listen to my  dad’s comedy  records, particularly Pryor and Redd Foxx. Even at that age, I had a razor sharp wit. Within the pecking order of kids, I could take any person’s  flaws and Put them on a social spigot.

My comedic sensibilities and ability to make others laugh  have guided my life from a very young age. But it wasn’t until the year 2000 that I started slinging jokes for myself. Performing at local comedy clubs and honing my skills made me the comedian I am today.  Ive been described as bold, philosophical, honest and “Funny as Hell”.  You can see Me  performing stand-up comedy all over the United States and abroad. Check out my calendar out!. Love me or hate me-either way, it will not be a benign experience, guaranteed.

In 2006, I received a call from my friend and comedy mentor Patrice O’Neal to team up on a radio show on Sirius XM. My  11 year experience as a male stripper gave me a perspective on male female social dynamics seldom experienced. I cohosted The Black Philip Show. It was a discount urban version of Dr. Phil that touted relationship advice from a masculine perspective. Raw, honest, and pragmatic, the show proved popular but short lived. It ended in 2008. Somehow it managed to pick up a cult following on the internet. In 2011. Upon Patrice’s death and the behest of urging of fans, I brought  the show back. This time in podcast form and  renamed it “The Beige Philip Show, presents Man School”(“beige” was used as a reference to Dante’s complexion. It advocated credibility empathy and progressive self worth. I  then renamed it again in 2017 “Manschool 202” which  exemplified an advanced instructional element expanding advice to women as well.

In one year,”Man School 202”was ranked number 15 on iTunes, emerging as a modern day “Dear Abby” with a constant and consistently growing listenership. Email questions flooded which forced Dante to create a phone consultation service. So You have a problem click here and book time with and I will fix you. Or just listen

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