Dante Nero is a self-help guru working with men and their relationships with women. He’s also the host of the hit Podcast, The Beige Phillip show.

Male Reclamation Therapy

Is a new self improvement product that I put together. It has been compiled of all my personal field research along with the extensive relevant corespondent academic research, compiled with all the personal experience which I’ve endured in course of my life. All these elements really make most relationship and socially interactive problems simple for me. “Male Reclamation Therapy” is designed to give you the ability to read what is not being said. The essence of what emotions and instinctual parameters of everyday social interactions really mean and how you can counteract potentially hurtful situations. While doing the Beige Phillip Show for the last 5 years has honed my ability to pin point key sticking points in terms of Pick up, long term relationships and or just getting over a bad break up to name a few. With this program You’ll learn what your key sticking points are and get tools to overcome them. You’ll learn the 3 states of manipulation and how you can predict when some one will attempt to use them on you, You’ll end up understanding the actual behaviors you personally use to unconsciously sabotage yourself and why. You’ll learn how to identify what your counterpart means when her communications are not out right clear. You will learn how to become your ideal self so that you can become fearless and worthy of happiness. You’ll understand the magnitude of your exceptionalism and if not how to achieve exceptionalism i.e. Becoming the best version of yourself. I’ve personally learned so much while executing the highly successful Chosen 20 program. I’ve learned to reveal what the root problems my clients have habitually obtained and how to quickly make real change so you you can reach true happiness as you define it. Send me and email at SaveMeDante@gmail.com including what problems you deem pertinent. Make sure to include a reach #number I will contact you back to asses what you need what I believe I can help you with and what realistic progress you can expect. Then and only then will I take you on as a client. My own personal integrity will not allow me too take clients on who I don’t believe I can cause real change with!

Phone Consultations

DN Store Phone 15

$100.00 USD

DN Store Phone 30

$150.00 USD

DN Store Phone 60

$250.00 USD


3 x 60-Minutes
$600.00 USD


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The Beige Phillip Show brings some righteous perspective on sex, love, relationships, and game. The podcast continues to carry the torch where fallen brother, Comedian/idealist, Patrice O’Neal left off…with “The Black Phillip Show.” The Beige Phillip Show is hosted by comedian Dante Nero with co-host comedian, Harry Terjanian.